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Technical Specifications

Hardware Emulated

  • SWTPC MP-09 6809 Processor card
  • SWTPC MP-A2 6800 Processor card
  • SWTPC MP-S (SS-30) Serial card (through COM Ports)
  • SWTPC MP-L (SS-30) Parallel card (using Windows printer)
  • SWTPC MP-T (SS-30) Timer card
  • SWTPC DMAF-2 (SS-50) Floppy Controller
  • SWTPC DMAF-3 (SS-50) Floppy/Winchester/Tape Controller
  • SWTPC MP-ID Interface Driver Board
  • 1MB memory space for the 6809 using SWTPc DAT
  • 64K memory space for the 6800
  • Peripheral Technologies FD-2 Floppy Controller card
  • PIA IDE Controller card
  • TTL IDE Controller card

The peripheral interface cards can be set to any address in the range of $E000 through $FEFF for the 6809 emulation, and to any address in the range of $8000 through $EFFF for the 6800 emulation. All emulated boards have the option to enable or disable the interrupt signal from the card to the processor in 6809 emulation.

Hardware/Software Required
  • IBM PC compatible Pentium (at least 133 MHZ) system
  • SVGA (at least 1024 X 768)
  • Approx 15 MB free hard disk drive space
  • All Windows operatings systems from 95 thru Windows 11
  • I have also successfully run the emulator in a Windows 95 and a Windows 98 guest in Virtual PC 2004 on Windows XP Professional host.
  • On a 1GHZ Compaq 1800T with UXGA, the 6809 running FLEX runs at about 9MHZ in native mode. Under VPC 2004, it runs at about 6MHZ under Windows 98


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