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The emulator comes as an InnoSetup 5 setup program with Uninstall included. The following files are included in the setup.

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  • SWTPCemu The emulator (C++ version with GUI interface)
  • SWTPCemuApp The emulator (C# version with GUI interface)
  • memulator The emulator (C# version console application)
  • Asm680x Cross Assembler for 6800 and 6809 (with IDE)
  • DA68Sharp 6800/6809 DIsassembler (C# version - interactive)
  • FloppyMaintenance .DSK file maintenance utility (C# version)
  • TSC_PR Technical System Consultants formatter utility
  • MemulatorConfigEditor Utility to configure machine environments for memulator

  • 6800boot.dsk virtual boot diskette for 6800 FLEX 2.0
  • 6809boot.dsk virtual boot diskette for 6809 FLEX 9
  • OS9EmuBoot.dsk virtual boot diskette for 6809 OS9
  • Various other .dsk files for 6800 FLEX and OS9, FLEX and UniFLEX on 6809

  • sbug.stx ROM image for 6809 SBUG monitor
  • newbug.stx ROM image for 6800 monitor
  • UOS_3S_UNIFLEX.stx ROM image for 6809 UniFLEX monitor
  • OS9Rom.stx ROM image for 6809 OS9 monitor

  • Various config files for FLEX, OS9 and UniFLEX

Other files will be available as virtual diskette images in setup Support files. These include to date the following:

  • PAT Editor by Ron Anderson
  • WHIMSICAL Compiler from John Spray
  • PL/9Compiler from Windrush
  • INTROL C 6809 C Compiler from Introl
  • McCOSH C 6809 C Compiler
  • SPLM Compiler from Programma
  • VED (vi like editor from the Aztec C compiler for Apple II)

And a whole bunch of others that I have collected over the years.

Installation Instructions:

To install the package, run the SWTPCemuSetup.exe program. It will lead you through the installation procedure. When it is finished, the executables and supporting DLL's will be copied to the appropriate directories on your hard drive. There will also be ROM images for SBUG 1.7 (for the 6809), NEWBUG (a 6800 monitor ROM that is SWTBUG compatible), OS9 Level 1 and UniFLEX. There will also be diskette images for FLEX 2.0 for the 6800, FLEX9 2.9.2, OS9 LVL 1 and UniFLEX for the 6809. In addition to the executables and ROM images, the setup program will also install several diskette images and configuration files for several popular SWTPC machine configurations.

To create your own shortcuts to different memulator.exe configured virtual machines follow these instructions:

  • 1. Right Click on the memulator executable after you have unzipped the distribution zip file.
  • 2. Select "Send To" from the context menu that pops up.
  • 3. Right click the shortcut you just created on your desktop and select "Properties" from the context menu.
  • 4. In the "Target" text box add one of the following to the command line (don't forget to put a space before the parameters):
  • -configfile="FLEX2_config.xml" 6800FLEX 2 SWTPC TV950FD2 and MPT.
    -configfile="flex9_fd2_config.xml" 6809FLEX 9 SWTPC TV950FD2 and MPT.
    -configfile="OS9_config.xml" 6809OS2LVL1SWTPC TV950FD2 and MPT.
    -configfile="UniFLEX_config.xml" 6809UniFLEXSWTPC TV950DMAF3 and MPID.
    -configfile="flex9_pt69s5_config.xml"6809FLEX 9 PT69-5TV950PIA IDE.
    -configfile="flex9_ttl_config.xml" 6809FLEX 9 PT69-5TV950TTL IDE.
  • 5. Set the working directory to the directory where the executable resides if it's not already there.
If no config file is specified, the configuration file specified in the file "C:\ProgramData\EvensonConsultingServices\SWTPCmemulator\CONFIGFILES\configuration.xml" will be used.
Also remember that SWTPCemu.exe (C++ version) uses .cfg files and saves the current configuration in the Windows Registry. The C# versions (memulator and SWTPCemuApp) use .xml files and do not use the registry at all.

Click OK and you should be able to run the desired emulation from the shortcut.


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