MIKBUG Replacement for SWTPC 6800

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The MIKBUG ROM Emulator board replaces the MCM6830 ROM with a 2716 EPROM. This allows the MIKBUG ROM in a SWTPC 6800 Computer MP-A Microprocessor system board to be replaced with a different monitor such as SWTBUG.

The SWTBUG 6800 ROM Monitor was Southwest Technical Products Corporation's second generation monitor. It supports the MP-S Serial Interface at 9600 baud, MIKBUG was limited the the MP-C at 300 baud. It also has a routine that will boot floppy disk such a SWTPC MF-68 or my DC-5 controller. A description of SWTBUG can be found here.

The 2716 EPROM holds 2048 bytes of data while the MP-A can only address 1024 bytes of data in the onboard ROM. Two different monitor programs can be stored in one EPROM and the desired monitor is selected with a jumper. This allows both MIKBUG and SWTBUG to be stored in one 2716.

ROM Emulator Users GuideUsers Guide (230k PDF)

ExpressPcb Design Files, 2003 Revision (30k zip)

EPROM Data (6k TXT)

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