MP-B Mother Board

The MP-B Mother Board is a 9 inch x 14 inch board onto which all of the various processor boards are plugged. Provisions have been made for one MP-A Microprocessor/System board, up to four MP-M 4,096 word memory boards plus two unused slots. This gives the user the ability to handle up to 16,384 words of memory. The mother board also provides the line buffering and address decoding for up to eight interface boards. Although one of the eight must be the control interface (serial), MP-C, the other seven may be any combination of serial (MP-S) and parallel (MP-L) interfaces the user may choose to have.

Introduced by Southwest Technical Products Corporation in 1975. The MP-B kit was $40.

The System Photo is that of a pre-production unit, the power supply board was moved back a few inches for production units. The board location in this photo would interfere with the power and reset switches. The power supply board shown also has an unused Molex connector. This photo was used in ads, brochures and in a December 1975 Byte magazine article.

System Photo (JPG 100K)

MP-B Photo (JPG 95K )

MP-B Assembly Instructions ( PDF 16K )

MP-B Schematic (11 x 17 PDF 255K)

MP-B Red Blue Layout (11 x 17 PDF 185K)

Modifications for 6809 with 16 addresses per slot ( JPG 115K)

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