MP-8M Memory Board

The MP-8M Memory Board is a 5 l/2 inch x 9 inch board with a total storage capability of 8,192 (8K) words of a 8 bit random access memory. The circuitry on the board provides all of the address decoding and data line buffering to handle a total of 16 4K (4K bit x 1 bit) static random access memory integrated circuits. All interconnections to the system are made via a 50 pin connector to the Mother Board (MP-B). Current consumption for the entire board (8K of memory plus decoder/buffer) is approximately 1.5 amp.

 Introduced by Southwest Technical Products Corporation in 1977. The MP-8M kit cost $250.

Board Photo (48K JPG)

Board Photo High Resolution (97K JPG)

Board photos courtesy of Mike Nowlen

Assembly Instructions (18K PDF)

Circuit Board Red Blue Layout (240K PDF)

Schematic 11 x 17 (483K PDF)

Schematic 8 x 11 (265K PDF)

The MP-8M (and MP-M) can be modified for operation above 32K. See the MP-A2 Assembly Manual for details (page 9.)

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