MP-09 Processor Board

The MP-09 processor, board is intended for use in Southwest Technical Products Corporation or, similar computer systems using the SS-50 bus system. It consists of the MC6809 processor, ROM monitor, memory management system and buffering circuits. The board requires a 7 to 9 Volt unregulated DC voltage at approximately 1.0 Amp. The MP-09 may be used to replace 6800 processor boards in most any SWTPC 6800 computer system.

The MP-09 was introduced in March 1979 for $175 kit and $195 assembled. It was soon upgraded to the MP-09A. (There were layout problems in the first MP-09 boards.) The MP-09B was introduced in 1980. Some of the differences are shown in Application Note 127.

MP-09B Processor Board

Board Photo (56K JPG)

MP-09 Board Photo High Resolution (522K JPG)

MP-09A Board Photo High Resolution (488K JPG)

MP-09B Board Photo High Resolution (386K JPG)

Assembly Instructions (247K PDF)

Schematic Part 1 (409K JPG)

Schematic Part 2 (340K JPG)

AN-113 Configuring FLEX 2.6 for Computers with MP-B3 Motherboards (40K PDF)

AN-121 Hardware Modifications for the UNIFLEX and FLEX Operating Systems (1.5M PDF)

AN-125a Proper FLEX Disk Driver Operation (148K PDF)

AN-124 Operating the SWTPC S/09 Computer at 2 MHz (19K PDF)

AN-127 Modifying the MP-09A and MP-09 Processor Boards for 69/A and 69/K Computers (209K PDF)

AN-137 Proper Computer Operation with M-64 and M-256 Dynamic Memory Boards (5K PDF)

SBUG-E 6809 ROM Monitor User's Guide (44K PDF)

SBUG-E Source Code (37K TXT)

SBUG-E Listing (44K PDF)

SBUG 1.8 ROM in Motorola S1 format (5K TXT)

Source Code for Dallas Semiconductor DS1642 RAM and Real Time Clock

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