SWTPC Reunion Dinner

by Michael Holley

The dinner was held February 10, 2006 at the Alamo Cafe near the San Antonio airport.  Gary Kay started this project and with the help of Lucy Proctor about 30 people  showed up. The dinner started about 6 and ended around 10. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Before the dinner Gary took me to the old SWTPC facility at 219 W. Rhapsody. Dan Meyer owned a 4 acres site and built a complex of 8 brick buildings. The company was located here from 1967 until it closed in 1991.


Here is Gary Kay at 219 W. Rhapsody.


Left to Right: Dustin Meyer, George Abbott, Greg Meyer, Joan Deres, Michael Holley, Joe Deres, Lucy Proctor Abbott, Cesar Gonzalez, Alice Gonzalez, Annette Marcie, Lucy Stribling, Pat Marcie, Bill Stribling, Brian Hindelang, Karen Hindelang, Sherry Turner, Dwayne Herbrich , Sandy Stewart, Gary Kay

That is me (Michael Holley) in the Seattle Seahawks hat a week after the Super Bowl. I am showing Joe Deres (seated) and Tom Stewart some SWTPC ads. They are telling me about the problems with this unit.


Here is were SWTPC (DEMCO) started in 1963. In Daniel Meyer's home at 430 Redcliff Drive, San Antonio 16, Texas. His house keeper, Lucy Proctor Abbott, drilled circuit boards and packaged kits in the garage. Lucy worked at SWTPC as a book keeper until 1987.


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